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Tahel - Organizational Practices

Our worldview and methodology in change management is based on extensive experience in facilitating of organizational and individual processes of change. Each project in which we engage requires redevelopment and implementation of a model of change that is tailored to the organization: its business environment, its objectives, its corporate culture and maturity. Change accompaniment processes are devised during course of joint learning and collaboration together with our customers, respect and sensitivity.

In our view, facilitating change management processes must be:
  • Tailored to the organization's business and systematic needs;
  • Clear, structured, lucid and quick;
  • Optimized for organizational maturity – All of the solutions proposed are adapted to the cultural characteristics and maturity level of the participants and to the essence of the change required (we don't simply preach blindly);
  • Executed in determination? and sensitivity – Changes must be managed with determination?, but without losing touch with sensitivity and empathy for the people involved;
  • Executed in partnership and dialogue – of the top management with mid-management and some employees - people will be able to speak out and influence;
  • Delivered with optimism and good energy – With which the consultant approaches the managers and employees who experience the change.

Examples of processes of change which we have accompanied and assimilated in various organizations, divisions and departments:
  • Development and implementation of corporate strategies that are derived from the Company's business strategy;
  • Shaping and assimilation of a vision and values that promote successful achievement of the company's business and organizational growth objectives;
  • Characterization and accompaniment? of processes of change in the organizational structure, in work processes, and in role definitions for achieving organizational effectiveness;
  • Changing of inter-organizational communication characteristics and general organizational climate through various Interventions.
  • Shaping and assimilation of an organizational culture that is tailored to the organization's business, organizational, and personal environments.